My love towards Asia definitely started in Taiwan

Csákó ÉvaThat is me, Eva.

And I want you to know some things about me. First of all, I love traveling. Second…no, wait, let’s start with the first one, because that also explains why am I writing to you right now.
It started in 2012. Or maybe even earlier, but my love towards Asia definitely started in Taiwan.
I got the chance to travel overseas, and I was about to choose my destination.

Here is a little intervention: I am soon-to-be a doctor, and all the way through the medical university I took all the possibilities to do my internships all around the world. Not only to get to know the different medical paradigms, but also to learn a lot about the mindsets of other cultures. I know it sounds cliche, but I haven’t figured out a better explanation yet, working on it, I promise.

Why did I choose Taiwan at the first place? Many people have asked this question so many times, but I still don’t have a proper answer. I felt like it. And have never regretted the decision, ever. Especially choosing Hualien where I spent one exciting month, was the greatest and also the strangest experience of all. It is hard to imagine the feeling of the earthquakes, the preparation for the typhoon until you really experience it. And coming from a land which has (fortunately) none of them, makes you feel like you have arrived to another dimension. And I have not even mentioned the stinky tofu! How could I talk about it to anyone who haven’t smelled it before?
I definitely needed the helping hand of Gavin to get through the emotional waves, and needed the absolutely world class mango shake to make it an unforgettable memory, but I have many stories to remember and tell, and to persuade others to choose Taiwan to have a lovely holiday.

So the reason I am writing now, is because after traveling, blogging is my passion. I have been doing it for many-many years now, and I want to share my experiences – I am fairly sure that I cannot provide you as accurate informations as Gavin does, but still love to share the stories I am going through. It is a travelling blog, so I am not going to spam it with big thoughts of mine, ideas to share, mostly sticking to the subject and maybe sharing my ideas on another platform if I see you are interested in it.
The journey starts (more like continues) on Thursday, when I am traveling to the beautiful Scandinavian capital, Stockholm! Do you want me to keep you updated? I would love to have your ideas about what you are interested in, so please share them and ask! 🙂

Csákó Éva

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